Becoming a member

When you are a member of a YTN trade union and work in the private sector, through the trade union membership you are automatically a member of YTN as well.

Union membership can be applied for on the homepages of the trade unions. If you are not sure which union you should join, you can use the Contact Form. In that case, your details will be passed on to the most suitable one which will then contact you. List of YTN trade unions.

In Finland, it is generally acceptable to be a member of a trade union. The majority of Finnish employees belong to a union and to the unemployment fund of their industry.
The degree of unionisation is approximately 70 per cent, and collective agreements negotiated by trade unions cover 95 per cent of all Finnish employees. This figure is one of the highest in the world. 

A trade union is an organisation for employees that aims to defend and improve their terms of employment. The most important task of trade unions is to negotiate industry-specific collective agreements together with employers' associations. In addition, they supervise the compliance with collective agreements and help their members in conflict situations.

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