Statistical data on the sector - Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, SKOL, ATL and PALTA

Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and SKOL

Most of the senior salaried employees working in the consulting sector are professional and graduate engineers, but there are also architects, economists, business administration graduates and other specialist members of YTN-affiliated unions.

There were 205 affiliated companies in SKOL in 2013, employing nearly 15,000 employees. SKOL was affiliated as a sectoral company to the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries at the beginning of 2011. Companies affiliated to SKOL have applied for membership in the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, and most of them are already affiliated to it.

The main sectors are industrial design, urban planning, building construction design, structural design, building technology design and architectural design. The total turnover of the companies amounted to EUR 1,270 million in 2012. Average turnover per man-year totalled approximately EUR 88,000.

The industrial sector made up 36 per cent of the turnover, the building construction sector 38 per cent, urban engineering 23 per cent and other sectors 3 per cent. Some 22 per cent of total turnover came from exports.

Based on turnover, the largest companies or groups are Pöyry Oyj, Sweco/FMC Group, Ramboll Finland Oy, Etteplan Oyj, Neste Jacobs Oy, Citec Oy Ab, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy, Finnmap Consulting Oy,  Elomatic Oy, SWECO Industry Oy and Sito Oy.


The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices ATL is an independent business community lobbying vehicle that seeks to improve the quality of construction and the environment by enhancing architectural services.

ATL was established in 1988 to improve the operational development of architects' offices, lobbying and marketing functions. The Association applies strict membership criteria. It has more than 250 affiliated enterprises staffed by a total of some 2,500 people, most of whom are senior salaried employees. ATL's affiliated companies adhere to the collective agreement for senior salaried employees in the architectural design sector.

ATL is part of Service Sector Employers PALTA, which takes care of collective agreement functions on behalf of ATL. Therefore, PALTA is also party to and signatory of the collective agreement for the architectural design sector.

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