Industry background group guides operations

An industry background group directs and carries out lobbying work in the consulting sector. This background group is appointed for a two-year term of service. The current term is from 2012 to 2013.

The background group comprises 18 members and deputy members, most of whom serve as elected representatives at their own workplaces. These members come from the largest enterprises in the sector and represent local YTN-affiliated staff associations. The membership of the background group also reflects the interests of various branches in the sector (industry, public infrastructure, building construction, architecture).

The main function of the background group is to determine the lobbying objectives of the sector, to direct activities, and to recommend the approval or rejection of settlements negotiated in the consulting sector to the Executive Board of YTN. The background group may also propose industrial action to the Executive Board where necessary.

The functions of the background group are:

  • to inspire and guide the elected representative network
  • to monitor progress in terms and conditions of employment in the sector
  • to monitor the sector's financial situation and the state of its economic and industrial policy
  • to formulate employee bargaining objectives for the sector
  • to brief negotiators in collective bargaining
  • to assess the acceptability of negotiated settlements
  • to ensure the availability of support for collective bargaining work
  • to promote union organisation at enterprises and in the sector
  • to improve the coverage of the liaison person network
  • to plan sectoral publicity and training

Members of the backround group in 2012-2013

Contact persons

The following agents have been assigned to be responsible for the work of the consulting sector background group at YTN. They may be contacted for a response to any questions concerning this sector.

  • Responsible agent and chief negotiator: Hanna Huotari, TEK, tel. +358 9 2291 2280, hanna.huotari(a)
  • Agent and negotiator: Tapio Soltin, IL, tel. +358 40 530 4905, tapio.soltin(a)
  • Lawyer and negotiator: Niina Suvanto, IL, tel. +358 201 801 801, niina.suvanto(a)
  • Researcher: Tuunia Keränen, TEK, tel. +358 9 2291 2288, tuunia.keranen(a)
  • Head of public relations: Aku Karjalainen, TEK, tel. +358 9 2291 247, aku.karjalainen(a)
  • Agent/Assistant: Sirkku Pohja, TEK, tel. +358 9 2291 2216, sirkku.pohja(a)
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