Chemical Industry

In Finland the terms and conditions of employment are defined by legislation, collective agreements, employment contracts, custom and practice and employer's directives.

In the Finnish labour market system also senior salaried employees are represented by trade unions and work place representatives. In some companies there are also employee associations. About 75 per cent of the total Finnish work force are members of a trade union regardless of their political backgrounds.

The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) negotiates the collective agreements with the employers' Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. 

See the scope, validity and contents of the collective agreement called the Protocol below.


Many workplaces have their own guidelines and local agreements that include directives on for example working time, benefits and payment of travel expenses. The first person to turn to is your own workplace union representative.

If you find that your terms are contradictory to legislation or agreements,we offer advice and legal counselling.

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