Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN)

The definition of Professional and Managerial Employees

A senior salaried employee acts in expert, supervisor, management and executive duties. The tasks are performed by a relatively high degree of independence and responsibility.

The tasks of a senior salaried employee require higher education or corresponding knowledge and skills derived from work experience.

Higher education refers to university education, a university of applied sciences diploma or education comparable/parallel to them (e.g. diploma in engineering completed before attending university of applied sciences, HSO qualifications, etc.) 

A senior salaried employee does not act in the topmost management. Acting as supervisor of senior salaried employees does not debar a person outside the concept of senior salaried employees.


YTN is Akava's private sector negotiations organisation in charge of negotiations and agreement operations for senior salaried employees in industry, business and service sectors.

Established as an advisory board in 1973 and registered as The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN in 1993.

With a membership of almost 170 000, YTN is the sixth largest trade organisation in Finland.

The most important goal is to improve the income level and working terms of senior salaried employees by, for example, strengthening agreement operations.

YTN's affiliates

  • Akava Special Branches
  • DIFF - Ingenjörerna i Finland
  • Union of Professional Engineers in Finland IL
  • Union of Technical Professionals KTK
  • Union of Sales and Marketing Professionals MMA
  • Finnish Business School Graduates
  • Association of Finnish Lawyers
  • Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland - TEK
  • Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland TRAL
  • Social Science Professional
  • Association for Managers and Professionals YTY
  • Vakava:
         - Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists
         - Akavan Sairaanhoitajat ja Taja
         - Akava's General Group AYR
         - Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental
            and Forestry Sciences Loimu
         - Finnish Union of University Professors
         - Finnish Pharmacists' Association
         - Finnish Psychological Association
         - Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses
         - Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers
         - Finnish Officers' Union

YTN members by position 2016

Source: YTN data 2016

Senior management 4%
Management 8 %
Upper middle management 14 %
Lower middle management 9 %
Expert 60 %
Staff member 5%

YTN members by sectors 2016

Source: YTN data 2016

Technology industry 24 %
Consulting/Design 8%
IT services industry 10%
Forest industry 3%
Chemical industry 5%
Food industry 2%
Energy industry 4%
Construction industry 4%
Other industries 2%
Commerce 5%
ICT 4%
Finance 5%
Insurance 2%
Auditing and consulting 2%
Organisations/Associations 3%
Others 17%

How to become a member?

By joining one of the YTN affiliates mentioned above, you will automatically become a member of YTN as well. The easiest way is to click here. The membership services, benefits and additional information can be found on the YTN affiliates homepages.

YTN's organisation

  • Organisation meeting
  • Board and chairpersons
  • Working Committee
  • Coordination Group

Preparatory groups

  • Research group
  • Communications group
  • Legal group
  • Training group
  • Central strike committee
  • Agreement policy group
  • Workplace functions
  • History committee
  • International relations group
  • EWC-group

Background groups

  • Food industry
  • Energy industry
  • Finance sector
  • Graphic sector
  • ICT sector
  • Organisation sector
  • Commerce
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratory sector
  • LTY-sector
  • Forest industry
  • Service sector
  • Design sector
  • Technological industry
  • IT Services
  • Auditing and business management consulting

Working level

  • Company organisations
  • Shop stewards
  • Staff representatives
  • Members

YTN main goals

  • YTN is visible, renowned, strong and influential labour market organisation towards the membership, agreement parties and the society in general.

  • YTN is a reliable, capable and esteemed collective agreement party.

  • The collective agreements established by YTN, both on sectoral and company levels, will be applied to all senior salaried employees.

  • Good conditions for local negotiation and agreement activities based on the collective agreements have been created.

  • YTN has a comprehensive network of local shop stewards and company organisations and good up-to-date connection to members in all sectors. The level of professionalism of the shop stewards is high.

  • YTN is internally strong, committed to common goals and complies with organizational democracy.

Collective agreements

YTN basic information

Key facts for employees

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