Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN)

The definition of Professional and Managerial Employees

Senior salaried employees work in specialist, supervisory and managerial positions that characteristically involve a relatively high degree of independence and responsibility.

Their duties require a high standard of education, or corresponding skills and expertise acquired through work experience.

A high standard of education denotes university or polytechnic education or comparable/equivalent qualifications, such as an engineering degree completed at a university of applied sciences or HSO secretarial qualifications.

Senior salaried employees do not serve in top-level enterprise management. Supervising other senior salaried employees does not exclude an individual from serving in a senior salaried employee capacity.


YTN is established as an advisory board in 1973, YTN - Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff was registered as an association in 1993. In spring 2007 the Finnish name was changed, although the official English name remains the same.

With a membership of almost 160,000, YTN is Finland's sixth largest trade union organisation.

As AKAVA's collective bargaining organisation for the private sector, YTN is responsible for activities relating to negotiations and contracts for AKAVA's field members in commercial, service and industrial sectors.
One of YTN's prime objectives is to improve the earnings level and conditions of employment of professional and managerial employees by, among other approaches, strengthening contractual activities.

YTN's affiliates

  • Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists
  • Akava Special Branches
  • Akava's General Group AYR
  • Union of Swedish-speaking Engineers in Finland
  • Finnish Union of Experts in Science
  • The Society of Finnish Professional Foresters
  • The Finnish Union of University Professors (FUUP)
  • Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA
  • Finnish Association of Professional Coaches, SAVAL
  • SEFE - Finnish Association of Graduates in Economics and Business Administration
  • Finnish Pharmacists' Association
  • Association of Finnish Lawyers
  • Finnish Psychological Association
  • Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses
  • Association of Finnish Political Scientists, SVAL 
  • Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland - TEK
  • Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT)
  • Finnish Business Polytechnic Graduates Association, TRAL
  • Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, IL
  • Association for Managers and Professionals, YTY
  • Finnish Union of Environmental Professionals (FUEP)

YTN's members by operational status 2013

Source: YTN's labour market studies 2013

Management 9 %
Middle management, upper 17 %
Middle management, lower 13 %
Expert 61 %

YTN members by branch 2013

Source: YTN's labour market studies 2013

Technology industry 25 %
Chemical industry 5 %
Forest industry 3 %
Food industry 2 %
Energy sector 3 %
Construction 3 %
Wholesale & Retail 8 %
ICT 4 %
Finance 5 %
Insurance 2 %
Engineer consulting 9 %
IT-services 9 %
Auditing 2 %
Real estate services 3 %
Other sector 3  %

How to become a member?

You can just join one of the YTN affiliates mentioned above. The easiest way  is to click the here. The membership services and benefits and additional information can be found from the homepages of YTN affiliates.

YTN's organisation


  • Meeting of the Association
  • Board of Management
  • Working Committee
  • Coordination group

Preparation groups

  • Training and labour policy group
  • Legal group
  • Research group
  • Communications group
  • Field group

Background groups

  • Food sector
  • Energy sector
  • Finance sector
  • ICT- sector
  • NGO sector
  • Wholesale & retail
  • Chemical sector
  • Translation sector
  • Laboratories sector
  • Transportation and special branches sector
  • Forest sector
  • Service sector
  • Construction sector
  • Engineer consulting sector
  • Technology industry
  • IT services
  • Auditing and business consulting sector
  • Graphical sector


  • Company unions
  • Contact persons
  • Members

YTN's main objectives

  • Strengthening contract activities in all contracting sectors
  • Identifying the personnel group of managerial and professional staff in all labour legislation
  • Ensuring equal representation of personnel representatives
  • Improving the operational framework for personnel representatives (use of time, access to information, authority to act)
  • Comprehensive coverage of the application of Finland's Working Hours Act and payments for working hours under the provisions of the Act
  • Obtaining payment for work-related leisure-time travel
  • Ensuring practical implementation of Finland's Act on Cooperation Within Undertakings
  • Promoting the use of working-hour banks
  • Enhancing official monitoring of enforcement of Finland's Working Hours Act
  • Safeguarding the earnings level of managerial and professional staff
  • Developing occupational safety and health
  • Pursuing equitable tax policy, equality in unemployment benefits and social security, and improved employment protection

Collective agreements

YTN basic information

Key facts for employees

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